What the hell is this?

A few years ago, I learnt that the headshot John Hurt was using at the time on spotlight was used in a drama school as an example of what not to get: too much shadow, subject not looking in the lens and a hand in the shot! It was obvious to me that this shot had ruined John Hurt’s career and was the sole reason nobody had ever heard of him.

As it is my mission to ruin the careers of as many actors as possible, I decided to include a John-Hurt-style shot in the session whenever possible. Now it’s a few years later, and I’ve taken more than five hundred ridiculous shots of people pretending to be John Hurt. You wonder why anyone would do such a thing. The truth is, I don’t know. But they are fun.

You’d be surprised how hard it is to sit on a chair, slap a hand in your face, look to your right and channel John Hurt. So there are two galleries here:

A serious one,

and one of actors failing miserably to keep a straight face.