Headshots – Pricing, Info and Contact


All session share:

– We will take as many shots as we need to take. This is usually a few hundred.
– The contact sheet goes online within 24 hours
– You receive the finished, retouched images within 10 working days from the day you email me with your choices.
– Retouched images are always supplied in both colour and black&white
– The retouched images are good to print and to submit to spotlight/imdb. You can order more shots at any time—I keep the files, and the gallery stays online for a few years.
– Note that the session does not automatically include all your unretouched shots in high-resolution. You can however purchase all of the unretouched, high-res shots on a USB drive for an additional £80.
– Inside/Outside: We always start by taking shots inside. If you like outside shots, and the weather plays ball, we can also take shots outside. As the weather is what it is, the only thing I can guarantee is a studio session. If you absolutely must have outside shots, book another photographer.
– Only clients over the age of 18; no chaperones/parents/friends/body-guards.


• Full Session:     £480,       Students: £400

3 hours, 2 retouched shots in high-resolution

When to book:
– if this is your first headshot session,
– if you are usually uncomfortable in front of the camera, and/or had bad experiences in the past
– if you want several major hair changes,
– or beard changes.
– And, if you just want a two-hour session, but you’re usually an hour late


• Two-Hour Session:     £400       (there’s no discounted rate for this)

2 hours, 2 retouched shots in high-resolution

When to book:
– you are comfortable with the camera / you’ve done this before
– you don’t need to change your hair majorly,
– you don’t need to go through several grades of beard
– you arrive on time

What this is not:
– A rushed three hour session. Please don’t book this if you want to hurry through 200 looks.
– A budget session. This really is only good for you if you’re comfortable with the process.

Why is there no student discount on a two hour session?
– If you’re a student and this is your first session, then this is the most important session of your career. I will not rush this, and we need to have time to try out different things. Three hours is a better time frame.


• Top-Up Session     £180

1 hour, 1 retouched shot in high-resolution

When to book:
– Open to all previous clients within three months of your last session with me
– This is to get one, new look
– If you just changed/cut/grown/dyed hair/beard and need an updated shot
– Note: this is usually a studio-only session. If we try to pack too much into one hour, the shots suffer.



• To Book:
Please send me your enquiry using the email link below. Include your stage name, mobile number, and if applicable, agent & drama school. I get very busy at times so I might take a few days to get back to you. It’s not because I don’t love you or don’t believe that you are a beautiful and unique snowflake. Both you and I know that I do, and that you are.


Click here to send me an EMAIL. Include your stage name, mobile number, and if applicable, agent & drama school.

( If the above mail link doesn’t work, email me manually to enquiry@marloh.com )



• Additional shot, high-res, retouched                                                                   £40

• USB stick with all shots, unretouched, in high resolution                              £80

And …

• Prints:

You can take the retouched, high-resolution files to any printing lab you like. Visualeyes do excellent quality prints.

• Payment:
Payment is by direct bank transfer, or online by card; or you can bring cash on the day. I don’t take cheques.

• Cancellations:
Cancellations later than three days before the shoot incur a £40 cancellation fee. If you postpone more than twice, I take a deposit of £80. I don’t book no-shows in again unless they pay the full fee of the session they missed.

• Discounts:
There is only one discount, and it’s for students on a full session. You are a student if your main activity is to study acting at a drama school. Usually this means you have a student card. There are no other discounts.

• VAT:
 The price includes 20% VAT. There is no additional charge on top.

•  Studio Location:
The studio is on Kensal Road, off Ladbroke Grove, London W10.
Nearest tube: Ladbroke Grove.
You receive the full address and directions when you book.



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